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    VAGINA TOWN (Nantes)

    single (Kithybong) '14

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    Le duo de départ (un E.P. Sur Kizmiaz en 2011) s'est étoffé d'une batterie et d'un orgue qui relègue l'héritage Crampsien au second plan. Envers d'une B side étirée et ouvertement psyché, ce morceau-titre n'est pas loin de le mériter (son titre).

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    « On s'fait label » : SHADOKS MUSIC Psychedelic and underground music from the 60´s and 70´s. After 3 years releasing Psychedelia on the “Little Indians” label, “SHADOKS MUSIC” takes it a step further. “Little Indian” was limited to 10 releases only (Ten Little Indians, Nine Little Indians and so on). But many collectors, dealers and distributors liked the reissues so much that label owners decided to give it a new name and keep on workin’.
    BRIGADE (Portland, Oregon) « Last laugh » ('70)

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Self-made God


    Formed during the summer of 1966. Brigade won the KLSN Radio Portland Teen Fair Battle Of The Bands on 9th June 1968 and received a 1954 custom purple Cadillac Hearse as a prize! By now they were a top local attraction and the same year they signed to the American Record Company and recorded a demo which received a lot of local airplay. They went on to record an album for the B&V (Band 'n' Vocal) label in 1970, but split up before it was released. Consequently it received little airplay and flopped. The band all went on to college or further education.

    Yury MOROZOV (Russie) "Вишнёвый сад Джимми Хендрикса"  

    (« Cherry garden of Jimi Hendrix ») '73

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    Cherry garden of Jimi Hendrix
    Cherry Garden is an amazing album full of effects, great songs, tons of fuzz guitar, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light and funny, with the atmosphere of a Tarkovsky movie such as Stalker and Solaris. Yury plays most instruments, and he plays most of his own gear and effects. Later on, Yury recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios and became friends with many famous British musicians.
    Los SPEAKERS (Colombie) « En El Maravilloso Mundo de Ingeson » ('68)

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    This 5th and final album was recorded and produced entirely by the band with no restrictions from major label producers. This was a musical statement and a piece of art...going in the same direction as early Mothers Of Invention but with a sweeter musical touch of band like Kissing Spell / Embrujo to it. This masterpiece is loaded with psychedelic ideas, stoned effects, backwards loops, fuzz guitar, Latin beat's, great vocals and amazing lyrics. Perhaps the first "Os Mutantes" album might suit this direction a bit as well.

    CEREBRUM (Madrid)

    « Eagle death » ('69 – '70)

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    It's so hard


    The journalist Jordi Serra i Fabra wrote: "Cerebrum are the summit of spanish progressive music. Their music is revolutionary and experimental. They components are young and unquiet, hopefull and plenty of that force that pushes to succeess, to security... Cerebrum is with no doubt a musical experiment, a synthesis of strengthin the grooves of a single."

    TRUBROT (Islande)

    « Trubrot » '69

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Ég veit að þú kemur
    Trubrot was created in May 1969 when leading members of ‘Hljómar’ (Sounds) and ‘Flowers’ set out to create the finest Icelandic rock group of all time. Guitarist and composer Gunnar Thórgarson, bass player and singer Rúnar Júlíusson and lead vocalist Shady Owens of Hljómar had been plotting this for some months, along with organist Karl Sighvatsson and drummer Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson of Flowers, before the band’s genesis was announced publicly. These were troubled times and Trúbrot had countless hurdles to overcome before the band eventually fell apart early in 1973. After the debut-album was released in December 1969 by EMI, vocalist Shady Owens announced that she was quitting. Trúbrot recorded 3 more albums

    « Les 19 marches du psychédélisme » selon le magazine NINETEEN

    (automne '85)

    6ème & dernier palier : l'Angleterre dans la seconde moitié des '60s  

    The MISUNDERSTOOD (Riverside, Californie puis Londres)

    « Before the dream faded » (Cherry Red) '82

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    I unseen
    It was during one of their live perfomances, when they happen to meet English DJ John Ravenscroft, alias John Peel, who was hooked and began to act as their mentor. It was probably his suggestion that "The Misunderstood" headed London in 1966, where they due to some help of John Peels brother Alan, manage to get a deal with Fontana Records. This song was originally a poem by a Turkish guy and translated by Pete Seeger. Inspired by a picture of the shadow of a playing girl that evaporated when the A-bomb was dropped
    The SMALL FACES (Londres) « Ogden's nut gone flake » (Immediate) '68

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Song of a baker
    Side two features a fairy tale about one Happiness Stan in his quest to find the missing half of the moon, after seeing a half-moon in the sky one night. Along the way, he saves a fly from starvation, and in gratitude the insect tells him of someone who can answer his question and also tell him the philosophy of life itself. With magic power, Stan intones, "If all the flies were one fly, what a great enormous fly-follolloper that would bold," and the fly grows to gigantic proportions. Seated on the giant fly's back, Stan takes a psychedelic journey to the cave of Mad John the Hermit, who explains that the moon's disappearance is only temporary, and demonstrates by pointing out that Stan has spent so long on his quest that the moon is now full again. He then sings Stan a cheerful song about the meaning of life.

    The DEVIANTS (Londres) « Ptooff ! »

    (Underground Impresarios) '68

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Mick Farren and Russell Hunter had met 21-year-old millionaire Nigel Samuel who funded the £700 required for the recording of the album. 8,000 copies were sold on their own Impresario label via mail order through the UK underground press, such as Oz and International Times, before being picked up and released by Decca Records.

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    A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (Brooklyn ) « Transfixiation »

    (Dead Oceans) '15

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    Une fois de plus, les Américains nous livrent un album sans concession, qui demande plusieurs écoutes, histoire de s'imprégner comme il se doit de leur son tellement atypique

    FOREVER PAVOT (Paris) « Rhapsode »

    (Born Bad) '14

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Joe and Rose


    Emile Sornin empile les mille-feuilles sonores, réhabilite le clavecin dans ce monde étriqué qu’est devenu la pop et compose des morceaux arrangés (« Electric Mami ») qui donnent l’impression d’entendre Strawberry fields forever chanté par les Zombies

    STRAWMAN (La Spezia, Italie) mini album autoproduit

    (distrib. Area Pirata) '14

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Go inside


    Right from the beginning all four members have the same idea to produce a lively garage rock that shakes hands with an American 70's sound. However without any discretion towards the psychedelic sounds and the late 80's Seattle sound.

    TWIN PEAKS (Chicago)

    « Wild onion »

    (Grand Jury) '14

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Mirror of time
    Twin Peaks are better melancholy than they are raucous. The mid-tempo rocker "Making Breakfast" has a riff and a wryly rueful air that recalls Tom Petty. "Mirror of Time" is a loopy and sweet psychedelic pop song, with a twinkling and watery mix of guitars and a melody like a pinwheel; "Telephone" is uptempo but light-footed and soft.


    (Courtrai, Belgique)

    « Thin walls » (P.I.A.S.) '15

    Re-vox Populi ! n°228 - 26 février 2015

    Then what
    Pour enregistrer son troisième album, le groupe a pour la première fois quitté ses terres flamandes, rejoignant la ville côtière de Brighton et le producteur Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, The Horrors, Blur). Le résultat est à la hauteur de nos espérances et à l’image de ce groupe ô combien classe et talentueux, mêlant à la fois des morceaux très pop rappelant les ARCTIC MONKEYS , à des compositions plus mélancoliques. Les voix de ces cinq jeunes gens s’accordent à merveille, créant une atmosphère envoutante qui leur est propre. Thin Walls est sans conteste l’abum de la consécration.


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